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Bus Drawings

Price per sheet:
'OO' or 'O' gauge £6:00   •   Gauge 1 £10.00
For larger scales please email me for a quote.
Your selection might be on more the one sheet and will therefore cost more to buy.
Post and Packaging charges apply. See website for details or call.

B29 Antwerp Autobus Kruger S/D DAF/Bostovo body 1963 No 155
B30 Antwerp Autobussen/Cars S/D 2 axle Gardner No 48
B06 Austerity Bedford Type OB S/D 2 axle coach

B50 B M M O [Midland Red] Type S13 S/D 2 axle
B41 Birmingham City Transport S/D Ford/Strachen body
B19 Birmingham Corp Twys & Omnibus Daimler D/D 2 axle 1934

B37 Daimler double deck 2 axle half cab rear entrance

B52 E C W D/D Type K Lowbridge 1949
B53 E C W Type L Lodekka D/D 1953
B51 E C W Type L5G Bristol S/D 1946

B47 G N R Ireland S/D AEC half cab bus Park Royal
B46 G N R Ireland S/D AEC half cab coach Park Royal No 242
B88 G N R Ireland S/D Gardner/Harkness/GNR 1947 coach No 373

B74 Leicester Corp Transport D/D 3 axle AEC Renown/Met-Cam
B35 Leyland Type PD2/12 Titan with hybridge half cab body
B34 Leyland Type TD1 Titan D/D open & enclosed stair
B56 Leyland S/D National bus
B72 Leyland Type PLSC1 & PLSC3 Lion S/D 2 axle
B87 London Selkent S/D Dennis Lance/Plaxton Verde 1994 No LV1-12
B91 London [L G O C] Type B open top 2 axle 1910 B2500
B70 London [L G O C] Type K S/D 2 axle 1926
B69 London [L G O C] Type LS D/D 3 axle London six 1928
B66 London [L G O C] Type NS D/D totally enclosed 1929
B17 London [L G O C] Type 1T1 S/D 2 axle No T26
B15 London [L G O C] Type K D/D 2 axle open top
B16 London [L G O C] Type S D/D 2 axle open top
B14 London [L G O C] Type NS D/D 2 axle enclosed top
B13 London [L G O C] Type NS D/D 2 axle open top
B71 London Transport Type C one & half deck Inter-station 1936
B23 London Transport Type C S/D 4W Leyland Cub 20 Seater
B63 London Transport Type D ex Overground D/D Dennis Met-Cam No D1-25
B18 London Transport Type DMS D/D 2 axle
B27 London Transport Type FRM D/D 2 axle front entrance Routemaster
B39 London Transport Type GS Country Area S/D 2 axle Guy/ECW
B55 London Transport Type LT ex L G O C D/D 3 axle Bluebird
B76 London Transport Type LT AEC Renown 3 axle dimensioned chassis
B58 London Transport Type LT2 ex L G O C D/D 3 axle open staircase
B03 London Transport Type LT3 D/D 3 axle
B90 London Transport Type LT5 ex L G O C D/D 3 axle
B21 London Transport Type LTC S/D 3 axle private hire coach
B02 London Transport Type LTL S/D 3 axle
B77 London Transport Type M D/D Metrobus Met-Cam 1978
B10 London Transport Type MB S/D 2 axle
B49 London Transport Type Q D/D 6 Wheel No Q188
B85 London Transport Type Q S/D Met-Cam 1935 No Q6-105
B84 London Transport Type RF S/D 1953 PAYE condition
B01 London Transport Type RF S/D 2 axle
B05 London Transport Type RM D/D 2 axle Routemaster
B89 London Transport Type RMF/RMA D/D 2 axle front entrance RM1254
B33 London Transport Type RML D/D 2 axle long Routemaster
B73 London Transport Type RT chassis AEC D/D [6 or 12mm scale]
B08 London Transport Type RT D/D 2 axle 2RT2
B07 London Transport Type RT D/D 2 axle 3RT3
B04 London Transport Type RT D/D 2 axle with top box
B24 London Transport Type RTL D/D 2 axle Leyland
B11 London Transport Type SMS S/D 2 axle
B48 London Transport Type ST ex L G O C D/D 2 axle enclosed
B38 London Transport Type ST ex T Tilling D/D 2 axle open stair
B68 London Transport Type STLl11/1 D/D full fronted STF1 ex STL857 1935
B12 London Transport Type STL14 D/D 2 axle roof box STL 1614-2014
B26 London Transport Type STL11 D/D 2 axle rear entrance STL 1060-1613
B25 London Transport Type STL6/6A D/D 2 axle front entrance STL959-1043 & 1464-1513
B59 London Transport Type T S/D AEC Regal/Weymann 1946 No T719-768
B86 London Transport Type T S/D Mann Egerton 1948 No T769-798
B60 London Transport Type TD S/D Leyland Tiger/Weymann1946 No TD1-31
B67 London Transport Type TF S/D AEC sight seeing coach 1939
B92 London Transport Type XA D/D Leyland/Park Royal 1965 No XA1-50
B92 London Transport Type XF D/D Daimler/Park Royal 1965 No XF1-8
B36 Lytham St Annes Leyland Gearless D/D full front No 45

B09 Maidstone & District Type TR7 2 axle with roof luggage rack

B31 N M V B S/D 2 axle Chevrolet/Jonckheere body 1952 No 834
B40 Northern Coachbuilders D/D 2 axle low bridge Leyland PD2
B57 Nottingham City Transport S/D Leyland Lynx bus
B62 Nottingham City Transport S/D Scania/Plaxton 1993 No 761

B75 Royal Blue Coach Services S/D Bristol L6B No 1209

B64 Salford City Trans D/D AEC Regent/Met-Cam ex Rochdale
B28 Sheffield City Transport D/D 2 axle rear entrance AEC/MCW Body
B61 Southdown Motors D/D Leyland PD3/4 MCW/Northern Coach
B22 Standard Leyland Titan type TD4 D/Deck low bridge
B20 Standard Leyland Type PD2 D/D 2 axle

B93 Thornycroft A1 S/D 2 Axle 20 Seat People's Motor Services 1927

B32 Vermeulen-Molengalm S/D 2 Axle DAF/Jonckheere No 1077-02

B81 Walsall Corporation D/D AEC Park Royal half cab full height 1954 No 822
B82 Walsall Corporation D/D Crossley/AEC Bridgemaster half cab No 825
B83 Walsall Corporation D/D Daimler CVG6/Willowbrook half cab 1956 No 826
B78 Walsall Corporation D/D Guy/Park Royal half cab 1949 No 112
B80 Walsall Corporation D/D Leyland Titan/Park Royal full front 1950 No 239
B79 Walsall Corporation S/D Leyland Tiger/Park Royal 1953 No 809
B65 Warrington Corp D/D Crossley/Met-Cam 1934
B45 West Midlands PTE Daimler Fleetline
B43 West Midlands PTE S/D Dodge Midi
B44 West Midlands Travel D/D Volvo/Alexander body
B54 West Yorkshire Roadcar Co Bristol J05G/E C O C body
B42 Wolverhampton Corporation D/D Roadliner Daimler/Strachen