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Blackpool Brush "Railcoach" kit with etched brass body


High quality etched brass single deck body fret, motored English Electric trucks, white metal castings of cab roof domes and centre roof section, front and rear lamps, couplers, indicator blinds, controllers, sprung trolley pole, instructions and scale drawing.

The fret makes up into a model of the car as it was delivered in 1937. Later modifications, such as larger indicator boxes, are not included in the kit.

Uses English Electric Blackpool bogie

TOTAL KIT PRICE including P&P from November 2017 £314.00
If paying by PayPal the price is £333.00

About the Blackpool Brush "Railcoach"

Blackpool Brush "Railcoach"
R.T.Wilson, ©TLRS. Reproduced with permission.

Blackpool Brush "Railcoach"    Blackpool Brush "Railcoach"
Thumbnail pictures from the Lancastrian Transport Trust and TLRS archive.

  Click on any picture to enlarge it and access more pictures of the 'Brush' Railcoach

A batch of 20 Brush 'Railcoaches' were delivered in 1937 and numbered 284-303. These 'Railcoaches' were visually similar to earlier batches of trams from English Electric but a closer inspection reveals detailed design differences and electrical components from the Brush company.

The thumbnail picture on the left is of railcoach 287 which is currently undergoing restoration by the Lancastrian Transport Trust. Fortunately in 1971 the tram was assigned to the track gang 'Permanent Way' department and therefore escaped from much modernisation, retaining particularly its original style destination screens and sliding doors. For more information see: www.ltt.org.uk/ourtrams/blackpool_287.html

Car 295 survives today under the guise of 632, but has lost its art-deco appearance by the loss of roof glazing, painted instead of chrome buffers, larger route indicator boxes and illuminated advertising panels perched on the roof. The tram is owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust, but is used with permission in occasional service by Blackpool Transport, usually on busy Saturdays.

Details at: www.ltt.org.uk/ourtrams/blackpool_632.html

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